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Join Molecular Metabolism and Cell Signaling Lab @ IIT-Kanpur

Postdoctoral fellow: Currently, we are looking for a prospective postdoctoral fellow interested in studying role of immune cells (immunometabolism) in diabetes and obesity. The individual will lead the project and characterize physiological role of immune cell GPCR-G protein signaling pathways using mutant rodent models. Prior experience in working with immune cells and rodent model handling will be an advantage. People interested in studying metabolic disorders and wish to apply for individual fellowship are also encouraged to contact. I will be more than happy to assist in the application preparation.

Ph.D and M.Tech students: We are inviting applications from highly motivated students interested in studying GPCR signaling, metabolic disorders (Obesity and Diabetes), mouse physiology or cell-cell communication. No prior knowledge in animal handling or metabolic research is required.

Please e-mail your CV and a short description of your research interest to

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